Disabilities Act Will Open Doors For “Untapped Labour Pool”

The Toronto Sun (pp. 3-4) reports that according to disabled advocates, the new Ontarians with Disabilities Act will usher in new standards in accessibility, creating a win-win situation for employers and an untapped labour pool. “In addition to its being the right thing to do, there is a strong business case for making Ontario accessible to all,” says Tracy MacCharles, a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee. She hopes the new law will help dispel the myth that it’s expensive or a burden to accommodate an employee with a disability and says opening the door to employees with disabilities is the first step to removing barriers. “The next tier is the promotion and advancement of people with disabilities,” MacCharles says. “Are there talents really being tapped once they get in the door? Are they getting the right training and opportunities? The spirit of the new legislation is that there be no discrimination – not unlike women achieving senior positions in the workforce. It would be great to see diversity in the workforce.”   Toronto Sun, August 3, 2005, p.2