Accessibility Advisory Panel for the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services

The City of Toronto Transportation Services is seeking volunteers for a citizen panel examining accessibility issues in the City of Toronto’s streets, sidewalks, and operations.   The Accessibility Advisory Panel for Transportation Services (AAPTS) aims to provide objective advice to Transportation Services staff on current accessibility issues, based on user experience.   The panel will be comprised of 7-15 members and hold a minimum of 4 meetings a year.   Members are sought from various disability communities as well as seniors, mobility instructors, caregivers, research experts, and advocates.   Meeting topics would include such accessibility issues as tactile walking surface indicators, accessible pedestrian signals, pedestrian crossovers, channelized turn lanes, and uncontrolled crossings, among others.   For more information  visit the Transportation Services website, or contact Leigh Sherkin, Project Manager, Transportation Services at or phone 416 392 2718. Submissions are due by November 13th 2015.