D-Next Accessible Media Lab heads to Production!

CILT is thrilled to launch the production phase of our D-Next Accessible Media Lab, run by a creative team of new media artists, film makers, journalists and advisory members with disabilities.  Our project team is in the middle of producing a video short featuring the inadequate representation of disability in Canada’s mainstream media, featuring disability advocates, disabled journalists and members of the general public. This will be followed by more productions slotted for this fall, all of which we will circulate widely.

Our main priority is to support diverse underrepresented disability communities to collaborate in creating more authentic stories on disability issues and culture in a media landscape that systemically erases and misrepresents our community’s stories, experiences with ableism, and achievements.

We are very grateful to be able to utilize the excellent suite of production equipment, including video, still camera, audio and lighting equipment for production and training purposes, thanks for the generous capital funding support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

CILT is actively seeking additional D-Next partners and advisory members with which to jointly create more productions, and welcome referrals. If you have a story you think needs telling, please reach out to us through the contact information below:

David Meyers
Senior Manager, Independent Living Programs
E-mail: david.meyers@cilt.ca
Phone: 416 599-2458

Wendy Porch
Executive Director, Ext 271
E-mail: wendy.porch@cilt.ca
Phone: 416 599-2458, Ext 282

This project is provided through the generous funding support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.