Free COVID-19 Guide for People with Disabilities from CWDO

Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario (CWDO)  is currently working on a Health Information and Support for Persons with Disabilities project with funding from the Canadian Red Cross. The purpose of this project is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by publishing and distributing a COVID-19 Guide for Persons with Disabilities.

CWDO’s COVID-19 Guide for Persons with Disabilities helps address the impacts of COVID-19 by providing information and community navigation, fostering social inclusion and learning, as well as health and hygiene tips.

If you are interested in receiving one or more CWDO COVID-19 Guides for People with Disabilities, please click here.

CWDO is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that actively promotes the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of persons with disabilities through community development, social action, and member support and referral. They’re primary activity is public education and awareness about the social and physical barriers that prevent the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ontario. CWDO acts on behalf of 2.6 million Ontarians who live with one or more disabilities and registered members reside in almost every electoral district in the province.

For more information, please visit the CWDO website