About Us


To contribute to the achievement of social and economic equity in collaboration with people with disabilities through an inclusive approach.


To promote the vision through the principles of the Independent Living approach which are:

  • Self-governance, self-help, self-determination, community (grass roots) based, choice, control, autonomy, empowerment.


  • To be an organization run by people with disabilities to empower people with disabilities;
  • To collaborate with stakeholders to promote the rights of people with disabilities for them to take control of their own lives through increased knowledge and examination of options, making informed choices, and taking calculated risks;
  • To offer opportunities for people with disabilities to learn skills necessary for successful inclusion into the society, including social and economic opportunities;
  • To develop and implement services, programs and activities that empower individuals with disabilities;
  • To continue to expand mutual and complementary partnerships and responsibilities


What is CILT?

“For persons with a disability… by persons with a disability”.

CILT is a consumer-controlled, community-based resource organization. We help people with disabilities to learn Independent Living skills and integrate into the community. (Please note: CILT is a resource agency and does not do any political, systemic or group advocacy!)   CILT operates on the philosophy of the Independent Living movement which was developed in response to traditional rehabilitation services models. CILT’s aim is to develop and implement dignified social services that empower individuals rather than create dependencies. We encourage people with disabilities to take control of their own lives by exercising their right to examine options, make choices, take risks and even make mistakes.
CILT is  unique in that a majority of Board and staff positions must be held by persons with a disability, thus ensuring that the service is directed and controlled by the consumer.

CILT is a non-profit resource organization, funded through the United Way Greater Toronto, City of Toronto, Federal and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), donations, earned income and membership support.

CILT is accredited by Independent Living Canada. CILT is one of 25 members of  IL Canada  and one of 12 members of the Ontario Network of Independent Living Centres (ONILC).

CILT is a member agency of United Way Greater Toronto.


We are a registered charity. Our business number is: 10689 7861 RR0001.