Board of Directors

Nothing exemplifies the Independent Living principle of “consumer control” more than the Board of Directors of the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT), Inc.

CILT is one of a very few disability organizations in Toronto that is controlled completely by persons with a disability.

Consumer control means that CILT is controlled by consumers with a disability. Those who are members elect the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting according to the directions set out in the By-Laws. For example, CILT’s By-Laws state:


  1. A “disabled consumer” is defined as a person having a disability such that, as a result of their disability, the person experiences attitudinal, structural and/or systemic barriers to full integration into society.
  2. The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by a board of twelve (12) directors until changed by special resolution. The majority of the board shall be made up of disabled consumers and the positions of President and Vice-President shall at all times be a disabled consumer.

Our current Board of Directors is over 80% disabled consumers.

Jacques LeBlanc, Chair
Don Barrie, Vice Chair
Lisa Melo, Secretary
Ken Connors, Treasurer
Vincenza Ronaldi, Director at Large
Julia Gonsalves
Rod Ioi
Joshua Tayar
Neil Mercer
Maayan Ziv
Darren Cooper
Cathy Samuelson