Model for Independent Living

The below chart shows how an Independent Resource Center is constructed and operated so as to:

  1. Give power to the persons with disabilities;
  2. Make sure all disabilities are involved ( cross disability);
  3. Make sure that 4 ‘core programs’ are always included so that the Centers function in a way which undoes the damage which happens to persons with a disability living and growing in a hostile environment created through the ‘Great Misunderstanding of Disability’ which exists in the “non-disabled” world which unfortunately embraces the notoriously flawed medical model of disability.

The Centers work to undo learned helplessness, the sick role and so many other negative self-perceptions that we grow up with. Centers instill a “Rights Bearing Attitude”, encourage risk-taking, praise mistake-making and instill a sense of citizenship in the person with a disability. We are about integration, self-determination and taking responsibility for developing and running our own services. We want the right to have choice, flexibility and control in our lives and services.