Diner’s Club

CILT’s Diners Club has been enjoying the cuisines of various restaurants since the spring of 1990.

In keeping with the Independent Living model, the Diners Club is consumer driven. This means that the members choose the restaurants they want to attend, host an event, and rate the restaurants for their level of accessibility and service. We meet once a month, at an affordable and accessible restaurant. It’s a great opportunity to meet others, while enjoying the various cuisines in and around the city of Toronto.

Attendant care is provided if requested.

Costs for meals and transportation are the sole responsibility of the consumer.

How do I host an event?

  • Choose a restaurant that you know to be accessible.
  • Decide on a date and time that you would like the Diner’s Club to join you at the restaurant.
  • Provide the Peer Program Lead with the details, including address and main intersection of the restaurant, and the average price range for a meal (i.e. $10-20)
  • Firm up the reservations with the restaurant closer to the date

What is the Accessible Restaurant Directory?

The Diner’s Club has compiled a directory to provide consumers with disabilities with options for dining out at wheelchair accessible restaurants in the General Toronto Area. Each restaurant listed has been attended by the Diner’s Club and rated for its level of accessibility.

The directory is available at a cost of $5 a copy. Please contact Denise at 416-599-2458 ext 291 for purchasing a copy.

Visit the contact information page in order to contact us about becoming a member of the Diners Club.

Diner’s Club Responsibilities of a Host

A Diner’s Club Host is Responsible for:

1. Choosing an accessible restaurant.

2. Calling the restaurant to find out:

(a) If it is accessible; do they have any steps to get in?
(b) Is there an accessible washroom; are there grab bars?
(c) What kind of food do they serve?
(d) What is the price range of their meals?
(e) What are their busiest nights?
(f) Would they be able to accommodate a large group of people  in wheelchairs, say 10-15 people?
(g) How far in advance do you have to call to make a reservation?
(h) Their address and closest main intersection.

3. Choosing a date and time for the event.

4. Making the reservations with the restaurant.

5. Ensuring that everything goes smoothly at the restaurant.

*** It is the responsibility of the host to call the Peer Program Lead to inquire about the number of people that will be attending the event in time to make the reservations with the restaurant. ***

If you would be interested in hosting a Diner’s Club event, please call CILT at 416-599-2458 ext 293.  All hosts will have the support of CILT.

Upcoming Diner’s Club Events

Please visit CILT Events page for more information.