Housing is currently in extremely short supply for persons with a disability (PWDs) who require accessible, subsidized accommodations. (For PWDs who require attendant services with their housing, visit ASAC/Attendants.)

Here are some housing information services or registries you might try:

Co-op Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT)
Website: www.coophousing.com
Phone: 416-465-8688
Email: info@coophousing.com

Housing Connections
Website: www.housingconnections.ca
Phone: 416-981-6111

This is the best source of housing information. Housing Connections is responsible for maintaining the centralized waiting list for rent-geared-to-income housing in Toronto. It is a stand-alone subsidiary of Toronto Community Housing. The number is only in service weekdays from 9 AM-12 noon and 2-4 PM.

Accessible Apartments and Homes

If you have an accessible home that you would like to list here, please contact the Service Engagement Coordinator at 416-599-2458 ext 228.

Visit the Housing Listing page for more information.